*judas iscariot biblical terrorist fulfilling jeremiah prophecy returns coins hangs himself ascends immediately to heaven. heavenly father george bush embraces him awards medal of honor seats him at His left hand. 'bin laden' – he praises – 'through you anything is possible.'

*expecting mother chained to faulty cell tower. humans without signals surround appeal cry at empty air not a cellular device chirps with anticipated activity. young techno prophet ascends the tower promises the humans without signals salvation instructs rituals rites incantations culminating in the introduction of signal-less phone in expecting mother sacrificed uterus. dim light illuminates belly moonless night. prophet mobile vibrates receives transmits fetus call confirming the tower's reactivation gifting the air with cellular signals human rejoice and the voices of the unborn.

*demented wandering giant tramping continents starving gorging. he stumbles falls asleep body prostrate spread limbs crossing invading borders: wet dreams of christian cloud heaven a heaven (contrary to official and collective human knowledge) long ago abandoned by father son and holy ghost saints and angels who - alarmed by protruding giant head - hid flew transported across time warp space for a second genesis beginning creation.

*suicide bombers exploded martyrs propelled upward though jannah door babb ul-jihad joining prophets the pious in firdous paradise. here, in the highest level of islamic heaven, their comfort and every wish granted as they bed with bashful virgins.

*american veterans welcomed to white house banquet by barrack obama president america. procession parade of hands arms legs feet torsos heads pieces of precious humans enter hallowed halls are entertained reassured by senators representatives lawyers lobbyists cabinet as the wait staff provides champagne h’ors derves. the president performs regret gratefulness to the honored dismembered guest limbs fragments sees them out the doors conveys them to homeless post traumatic night america. blessed are the boys men girls women sacrifices.

*navigator of the seas colonial cruise ship ark carrying two three four thousand of every kind of middle upper class imperialist animal arrives through royal caribbean in promised land labadee wooden haitian peninsula as the ground continues to quake. passengers descend "enjoy jet ski rides parasailing rum cocktails delivered to their hammocks" praise heavenly father for not forsaking them shower his spending money blessings on colonized sinner heathens.

a year later and ships continue to crowd the coast. from their private beaches, the pious passengers pray for the suffering natives whilst sipping umbrella-d drinks and envisioning rainbows.

*deepwater horizon oil rig parasite squeezed by human hand clinging milking exploding spilling earth’s insides. our convalescing mother planet begs treatment the use of the open bug bitten vein to inject healing medicines remedies environmental i.v. her human sons daughters insist on maintaining the gaping hole exit where they gather with straws sipping gulping. meanwhile, thousands of sentient creatures perish in the water on the shores while their brother and sister humans feel only for another vein.

* road killed creatures rabbits coyotes crows cats dogs skunks raccoons rising to revenge on freeway california. disfigured dismembered they collect their corpses what remains congregate at on-off ramps roadside shoulders fast through slow lanes. stones gathered traffic signs and cones rearranged. humans abandon texts calls in swerves pile-ups. the creatures visit upon them unspeakable and amusing violences.