mountain descent hand holding
hiking hand over suburban blacksite cell

towers cul-de-sacs I fear obsess a mountain
lion sage stalking you arrest anxiety point behind at

housecat herds following pouncing mountain rocks
lizards path but never mice as they chutter at soaring

hawks crows I vision mountaintop ark arrival release
energy light split atoms multiplied two-by-two

exploding expanding we are the flood! weapons of mass
construction gifting blue sky mushroom cloud

compassion karma where I soar winds thermals transformed
a kite chasing crows hawks you holding guiding

string how high is our love! reaching great drone distances visiting
merciless love on helpless suburbans civilians we

occupy master planned roads parks schools with whispers
of affirmations notifications your friend requests

a friend! saints and sinners rejoice! I ask if I am
asleep you proclaim you’re klonopin sleepwalk

awake! wound dressing cat herder healers shepperds
suburban stewards we disarm armies release souls

spirits in apparition rainbows! they course the liberated
sky heavens in hues processions of every color and we

rest and multiply! and all is grace.