from Pity/Pitylessness

so where is the pity, the pitilessness?

blessed are the hunted and consumed for they will inherit everlasting energy life in expanding belly buddha universe.

*young palestinian rock hurling angel jonah inhabits insides isreal whale palatial intestines. patiently and without tears he awaits digestion thinking thoughts remembering memories: his bulldozed family.

*incarcerated madmen poor homeless bulge belly snake corporation america predator prisons. despair not! my brothers my sisters social rats. refuse (if strength remains) their paper goods linens soaps foods inbred profits. call out your prayers confessions sufferings. st. matthew is but one cell away cradling his flashlight.

*middle east snacks gorged by demented giant america reclined on continent couches falling asleep while watching television planet syndicated destruction death.

*assange manning dissenters terrorists deviants enemy combatants collected in black site prison stomach obama who performs acid white-wash disappearing act u.s. government department of justice.

*sons daughters beloved by bible law maker papa god a god that polices thoughts desires imaginations state senates elementary middle high schools. yes - brothers sisters fanatics - he is everywhere be vigilant minutemen patriot congregation.

* human stew simmering on stove desktop laptop slopped up by facebook entertainment news online commerce. reproduce multiply be plenty! internet web connection america growls grumbles moans is hungry! the speed with which he metabolizes is without match!

yes, dear friend, our brother van gogh is dead by his own hand, but artaud - yes, he has remained at our side - screams: suicided by society!
i assure you and him that dear vincent is still alive (yes, alive!) as graveyard worms grass flowers trees. look here! i fondle his blades inhale his pollens caress his trunks.
behold! he grumbles vibrates we are the same! buddha’s belly universe dissolves our shells containers we are digested become one!
we do not display his paintings but brother vincent himself. yes, i have not misspoken! let his suffering pained body hang crucifixed on our walls.
i, too, lost an animal angel friend stomached in a starved coyote. somewhere in lonely desert america your cat my dog meet as coyotes cacti roadrunners hawks! yes, can you sense their vibrations their continuations? they are friends as we are friends. we are consumed yet consumers. let us all wish one another peace.