the campfire at the end of the world

who's to say whoever is left standing

-dressed for the occasion in dripping scorched skin celebration suit
dangling elegantly victoriously from their bones-

won't gather 'round fire pit ground zero
warming melting finger candles against nuclear winter
telling war stories to enemy ghosts
roasting metals of honor thanking their God before they eat them
turning to their skeleton children to say:

'we did this for you, sweet boy, cherished girl'
or, perhaps:
'wasn't that just the loveliest explosion?'

the bar crawl at the beginning of the universe

who's to say some God

-dressed for the occasion in dangling bone white sacrifice celebration robes-

didn't walk into cosmic bar heaven
soaking sparking finger magic wands in mugs of beer
telling Bible story words of God
ordering rounds of angelic compliments
giving praise to Himself before putting it on His tab
turning to drinking buddies hatred, war, disease, indulgence to say:

'I did this for you, sweet friends, cherished foes'
or, perhaps:
'wasn't that explosion just?'

or, even better:

'lets get shitfaced and make us some humans'